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Click ‘DDF Dashboard’ on the right menu



Choose - Create/Edit Data Feeds

Choose - Add a Data Feed

Step 1 - Choose the type of Data Feed you would like to create

  • Choose National Shared Pool

Step 2 - Identify who will operate your Data Feed

  • Choose - I will be engaging a 3rd Party Technology Provider to operate my Data Feed

Step 3 - Select a Technology Provider

  • Search ‘Roar Solutions’ and select

Step 4 - Please provide the URL for your website.

  • Type in your website address, ie.

Step 5 - Please indicate if you would like to filter your Data Feed

  • Choose ‘I want to use filters to limit the listings provided by the Data Feed’ and

Step 5a - Please use the filters below to customize the listing content contained in your Data Feed

  • Filter by property type, province, board etc.
  • You MUST filter by province
  • Failure to filter by province (choosing all listings) will cause image delays on your site.




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