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Adding text to a webpage is as easy as typing it into the editor window.  With just a tiny bit of know-how, you can use the Content Manager to add or change text to your site. 

1) Access your Website Admin area as usual.

2) Click on Website Management tab  > Click on Website Content button

3) Find the page you want to change and click Edit (or click VERSION to bring up a previous archived version)

4) This brings up the webpage details

     Heading of the page  // Page Title // Content of the page // Other Search Engine information

5) Let’s add some simple text by clicking in the Editor area

6) Add your information and scroll to the bottom and click Save

7) Go back to your website and click Refresh to see updated changes. 

That’s it…you just added your first bit of text to your website!  Check out the other videos on how to manage other changes



The top row of icons at the top of the editor window are all for editing text. Hold your mouse over each one for a brief description of what they do.

Adding some formatting to your text will help certain words stand out for the reader.  We suggest you don't overdo your formatting as it will compete with the default style sheets already setup for your site and your site ends up looking like a circus show.   Use formatting only when you think it makes sense and you'll get the best results.

To format your text:

1. Select the text that you want to format by highlighting it.
2. Once highlighted click the icon to apply the formatting you want.

3. Increase the font size and font type using the appropiate drop down boxes in the top row of the editor.
4. Use the icons to change the font colour, and the background colour.
5. You can also copy and paste text in from other programs or websites.  Be aware that aware that some programs will carry over their own fonting and other formatting code with it sometimes competing with the default style sheets setup for your site causing your webpage to not display as intended. A useful way to avoid this is to copy any text into notepad and then copy it over to this editor. This will strip out any coding for you. This editor also has a paste from Word function and paste as plain text function that will clean the text for you.


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