Site Manager - How to Add Graphics to your Website

Adding graphics are a great way to have better looking webpage. The most common formats for pictures are .jpg, .gif and .png.

Once you log into your Site Manager, you'll upload the graphic first then you'll you'll position it into the proper web page.  For best results, a photo or graphic should be presized for the webpage you want to upload to.  



How To It:

- Log into your Site Manager.
- Click on the Website Management Tab and then Website Content Button.
- Click Edit on the Webpage you want to add your graphic.
- Position your cursor inside the editor in the spot you want your graphic to show up.
- Click the Insert Image icon from the toolbar.  From here, you can upload your graphic from your computer.
- Once uploaded, simply select it, choose Insert and it will appear in your Website Editor
- Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and Save your page.  Jump over to your website and click REFRESH to see your changes.

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