Add, Edit or Delete a Webpage

By clicking the Website Content button, you can control and view all the pages that have been created on your website.

1. Click Add New Webpage to create new pages on your website. 
2. Click View to see the current version of each page.
3. Click Edit to change the content of the selected page. 
4. Click Versions to view the archived version history and revert back to a previous version if needed.
5. Click Delete to remove the page completely. (Note: Some pages are locked down so you cannot delete them.  For example, we don't let you delete your home page ... for obvious reasons).

 Note: Once a New Webpage has been added you can create a link to it from another page. See our help article on Internal or External Hyper-Linking. If you require your new page to be added to your navigation section please send a quick email to with the new page link and where you would like it added. 



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