Understanding Website Visits and Stats

Website Visits and Stats are tracked and recorded in your Website Admin under the Website Management - Website Statistics button.


Website Statistics opens up to the Current Months Summary. Click the drop down box to select other viewing summaries. You can also view the stats by the month, select the month and click the View button.




Total Hits 

  • A hit is anything that gets downloaded from our server, for instance if someone visits your website that users browser needs to download a bunch of images, style sheets, etc.  each one of those is a hit;  visiting 1 page on your website could account for 50 hits.


  • Refers to the total number of users who have reached the site. So for instance 1 person could have visited your website on 10 different occasions This would count as 10 total visits.

Unique Visitors

  • Is defined as each unique IP Address or different users(s) who have reached the site.


These numbers are logged from our web servers and display as hits, visitors and unique visitors. Unfortunately not everyone who comes to a website will use its services, most people are looking for information.

As well hits also relate to what are called search engine spiders which are automated robots (i.e. Google) that visit your site every so often to re-index your site.

Visits and unique visits are a better indicator of traffic.










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