Add or Edit Website Articles

The website articles module is a great place to store and display things like an archive for monthly newsletters or a handful of How To or What's New articles for your website and business.
Note: This support document was created as an article.

1. Start off by creating a category for your article to go under.
2. Click the Add New Category button.

3. Give the category a name such as Newsletters.
4. Assign a display rank to set the order your categories appear on the page.
5. Click the Save button.
6. Click the Add New Article button.

7. Name the article and assign it to a category.
8. Type in the display rank to set the order that articles appear on the page.
9. Use the editor to create the content you want for the article just as you would for a new webpage.
10. Remeber to click the Save button to keep your changes.



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