Getting Started with Tellem Email Marketing

Step 1 -- SIGNUP for free account at
Step 2 -- CHECK YOUR INBOX for your welcome email and confirm you are the account holder.
Step 3 -- LOGIN and UPDATE your Account Settings FIRST as most of your Campaign sending is based on your Account Setting details. [VIDEO]
Step 4 -- CREATE SUBSCRIBER EMAIL LISTS easily by copy/paste OR import your email addresses right into the Tellem system [VIDEO]
Step 5 -- CREATE CAMPAIGNS easily in a few short steps. [VIDEO]
Step 6 -- ADD newsletter signup form to your website to start building your list and email addresses dump automatically into your Tellem account.

* Using the traffic to your website is a powerful way to start increasing your contact base!  The key is to provide your subscriber list with a regular email campaign with short snippets of information that is engaging and interesting.  Link to your website so they can read more about the article and more about your services.

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