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Our customers who are new to email marketing LOVE the tracking they get with their email campaigns. Unlike print or traditional direct marketing, you can actually track how many people opened your email campaigns, and see exactly what they clicked. We often get new users calling or emailing us because they're nervous about sending their first campaign. After we show them how to send out their first campaign and click the Launch button, they can dive into the Reports section to see who's been viewing their campaign. The stats are awesome...and addictive! We've often heard: "Hey! 16 people already opened my campaign!" or "Wow, on my list checked out my email campaign 8 times... and he even clicked on my annualreport.pdf document 4 times!! ... and he doesn't even know that I know!"

Tellem Can Only Track HTML Email Campaigns and not Text Email Campaigns: ************************************************************************

Almost all systems allow you to track the finer details of an email campaign but ONLY if you send out your campaign as an HTML campaign and NOT text only. This allows you to track how many people opened, viewed, and clicked inside your campaigns.

How Email Open Tracking Works ***************************** When you send out an HTML email campaign using the Tellem system, we automatically place a tiny, invisible graphic at the bottom of your HTML email (people in the email marketing industry sometimes refer to these as "web beacons"). Each time your HTML email is displayed in a recipient's inbox, that unique graphic for your campaign gets downloaded from our server, which we track as an "open."

Web Beacons Only Work in HTML Email *********************************** Please note -- "web beacons" will only work in the HTML version of your email. That's because you obviously can't place any graphics into plain-text messages (that's why they're called "plain"). So you're not going to be able to measure opens from the people who viewed the plain-text version of your email.

How To Send Plain Text As An HTML Email Campaign
Plain Text vs. HTML

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