Reports Overview

One of the main benefits of sending an email campaign is the reoprting features and the amount of information that is gathered for each campaign you send out.

To view the report for a campaign that has been sent, click the Reports tab. Find the campaign that you want to view the report for and click View Report to the right of the campaign name.

In the reports window you will see a summary and pie chart for the campaign.

  • Date Created is the date the campign was initialized.
  • Broadcast Date is the date the campaign was sent out.
  • Completion Date is the date the campaign completed sending.
  • Subscriber Count:
  1. Total Sent  is the total number of subscribers you sent the campaign to.
  2. Total Viewed is the number of subscribers that viewed the campaign.
  3. Delivered is the number of subscribers the campign was successfully delivered to.
  4. Bounced is the number of subscribers whos email address could not receive your campaign for whatever reason.
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