Exporting Subscriber Lists

To export a subscriber list follow these steps.

1. Click the Subscribers Tab.
2. Click Export on the right side of the subscriber list you would like to export.

3.  Review the Subscriber Summary to ensure this is the list you want to export.
4. Select the Export Type, the default is all subscribers but you can select to export only a portion of the list if desired.
5. Select the Export Format. There are three file types to choose from.

6. Click the Export button once you have made your selections and Save the file to your computer.
7. You can always click the Go Back button to go to the previous screen to make changes.

Note: It is sometimes useful to export a subscriber list and make addtions and changes to it (such as adding a first and last name) and then re-upload the list back into the Tellem email program.

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