Edit or Delete Subscribers

To edit or delete a subscriber from one of your subscriber lists follow these steps.

1. Click the Subscribers tab and click View next to the subscriber list with the subscribers you want to edit or delete in it.
2. If this is a large list you can use the Filter function to find the subscriber you want to edit or delete. Enter in some text that will narrow your list and click the Filter button to see the results.

3. To delete a subscriber from your list simply click the Delete button. and click OK in the pop-window that asks if you are sure.
4. To edit a subscriber click the Edit button next to the subscriber.

 5. Add, edit or remove any of the text in the fields you desire. Keep in mind that some fields are required and some fields require a specific format (the email address field must contain a vaild email address).
6. Once you have finished editing the subscriber click the Save button on the bottom to keep your changes. A message will let you know if the changes were saved successfully or not.
7. Click the Go Back button once you are satisfied with the changes to the subscriber.

Note: If you are making changes to all or most of your subscribers it may be easier to export the list to a spreadsheet program where it is easier to manage changes and then re-upload the list back into your Tellem account.

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