Segment a Subscriber List

You can segment a portion of any of your subscriber lists into a smaller more defined list. To do so, follow these steps.

1. Click the Subscribers tab and click Segment to the right of the list you would like to segment.

2. The first field Source List will allow you to select either the list you chose to segment or you can segment data from all of your lists.
3. For this example we are going to fine all of the My Business Contacts that are in Ontario. We named the list "Business contacts in Ontario.

4. Select to match "All" or "Any" of the following conditions.
5. In our example we will choose Province/State.
6. Choose contains, and type in ON for Ontario.
7. Click the Test button to ensure you get the desired results.
8. If the results are what you expected click the Finish  button to create your segmented list. Note: If there are no subscribers that meet your criteria the system will not create a new list and let you know that no subscribers were found.

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