Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner of the Webmail window.

2. In the Display Preferences section on the General Settings/Email Options page, select the Enable keyboard shortcuts check box.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Email actions Keystroke
Compose new email c
Reply Shift + R
Reply to all recipients Shift + A

Forward email

Shift + F
Open 'Quick Reply' r
Open 'Quick Reply' to all a
Move selected messages m
Delete selected (checked) messages d
Delete current open message Delete

Check for new mail

Shift + K
Open message in a new window Shift + O
Open message o / Enter
Toggle flag of selected messages f
Mark selected messages as unread u
Toggle checkbox x / Space
Select emails between the checked message & cursor Shift + X
Select all messages *a
Deselect all messages *n
Email navigation Keystroke

Open the next message

Down / j
Open the previous message Up / k
Move selection cursor to next email n
Move selection cursor to previous email p
Go to last email on the page Shift + G
Go to Drafts folder gd
Open go to folder dialog gf
Go to first email on the page gg
Go to Inbox gi
Go to next page gn
Go to previous page gp
Go to Sent folder gs
Go to Trash folder gt
Center page on the selected message zz
Focus cursor on search box /
Use everywhere Keystroke
Close top dialog Esc
Open keyboard shortcuts list ?
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