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Spam filtering tools work to detect and filter out spam. The changes you make to your spam filtering preferences will be in effect regardless of your email software; even if you use Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc., your spam will be filtered, according to your preferences, before the email reaches your inbox.

1. Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner of the webmail window.

2. Click Spam Settings, located in the left pane.

3. In the Spam Filtering section, you can turn spam filtering on or off. Or, you can turn on the Exclusive setting, which will allow you to receive incoming email only from addresses or IPs on your safelist. For more information about safelists, please see the specific topics related to safelists.

4. If you turned spam filtering on, you will need to specify how you want spam to be handled. In the Spam Handling section, select from the following:

  •  Deliver to the Spam folder—Spam email will be delivered to your Spam folder. To specify Spam folder cleanup options, click the Cleanup Options link:

Delete after [ ] days or [ ] total emails—Indicate whether email messages in the Spam folder should be deleted after a certain number of days or a certain number of email messages, whichever occurs first.

Never automatically delete spam—Select this if you want your spam messages delivered to the Spam folder, but you do not want spam messages automatically deleted.

  •  Delete the email immediately—Spam email will be deleted automatically.
  •  Deliver to the email address—Spam email will be forwarded to the email address you indicate.
  •  Include [SPAM] at the beginning of the subject line—Spam email will be delivered to your Inbox, but will include the text "[SPAM]" in the Subject line.

5. Click the Save button.



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