Safelisting Email Addresses

  1. Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner of the webmail window.
  2. Choose Spam Settings.
  3. Click the Safelist tab 
  4. Choose 'add' and enter the email or domain you want safelisted
  5. Save!

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Email that you receive from domains, email addresses, and IPs on your safelist will bypass the spam filters, ensuring you receive email from those senders.


Do not add your address, domain, or other addresses on your domain. This will lead to an increase in spam due to spoofed addresses.

We recommend that you not safelist domains from large email systems, such as or, as this could result in spam arriving in your Inbox. Also, you can use a "%" as a wildcard in the domain or email address (For example:

IP's - You can use a "%" as a wildcard in the last three octets to specify IP ranges. For example: 216.12.34.%, 216.12.%.%, and 216.%.%.% are all valid ranges.




Delete from Safelist

1. Click once on the safelisted domain, email address, or IP address you want to delete. To select more than one item, hold the Ctrl key and click on each item you want to delete.

2. Click the Delete button.

3. To confirm you want to delete the item(s), click the Yes button.

4. Click the Save button.




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