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We know how mission critical email is to your business.  The entire Roar Support Team is fanatical about monitoring the up-time of our email as thousands of email clients depend on this service including our Design and Support Teams.

If your email is down, not working or coming in slower than usual, then this is the right article to help you get the most up-to-date information.

Firstly, our Support Team is always first to stand up and ask "how can we help". Sometimes hardware breaks and we have to fix it.  The team is exceptionally fast and we're usually already on it well before you've even called us.  We know thousands of clients depend on a fast fix.

However, sometimes we need your help.  How?  A quick check to ensure that your internet connection in your work area is up and running is a culprit in trying to resolve email issues.  Your local Internet Service Provider might be experiencing a hiccup in uptime.  If you're computer, laptop or other device cannot get to the Internet, then naturally, email won't work for you.

So a good step 1 is always to double check to see if you can get to any other website like or as a quick check.  If you can get to these sites and use them, then it's a good chance that your internet is running just perfectly fine.  If you cannot get to other websites, we ask you to contact your office network administrator to find out what the status is of your internet connection.  Your next call would be to your Internet Service Provider.  

As mentioned, we're always the first to want to help, but if you don't have an internet connection, then there's little our team can do to help, no matter how much we want to.  

What next?

If our email is down...then we recommend that you go to this link for an immediate update to what is going on This link is updated frequently to let everyone know what the status of our downtime might be.  

We always like to encourage clients to call us so we can help you one-on-one.  However, if email is ever down and not working, then our small but helpful Help Desk Team will get slammed with phone calls and we might not be able to get to you.  Again, the best solution is to go to and give our team a 1-2 hour opportunity to rectify the situation.

Thank you for helping us troubleshoot your email or Internet uptime situation.  

~ Roar Support Team


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