Add a Link to a Website or Webpage (Internal or External Hyper-Link)

  1. To create a link with text, type or highlight it in your editor window.
  2. Click the link icon to bring up the link editor window.
  3. To link to a page within your website select it from the list provided on the Link list field.
  4. To link to an external source link  (outside of your site) Go to the page or site using another browser window. Copy the complete address from the address bar in the browser window.
  5. Select the target for this link. This defines how the link will open.
  6. Use Open in this window/frame to display a page within your site.
  7. Use Open in new window/frame to display anything outside of your site or a document.
  8. Click Insert to create the link and close the link editor.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the editor to keep your changes.

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