To Send Email as Your Branded Email, from Gmail

(e.g. I want to use my email: in my account) 

Step One:

  • Log In to Gmail
  • Enable Imap: Settings > Enable Imap > Save Changes

Step Two:

  • Add another email address you own: Settings >Accounts and Import > Add another email address you own > enter email (eg.> Save.
  • Settings: SMTP Server: > Port: 465 > Username: your full email address > Password > SSL 
  • Reply to the confirmation email / verify the email in your other account (eg.

Step Three:

  • Compose an email - you should see a drop down menu next to 'from' where you can choose the email you are sending from.  Choose to make either the default in your settings.  You can now send as (eg. from your gmail account.


To Receive email in your gmail account:

Import & follow prompts -OR- Add a forwarder to your other email account.




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