The Short Application Form On Your Website

You might wonder why we offer both the short form application as well as the full, secure online application form on our websites.  Some brokers choose to remove this short app but we think it has some great value and a place on your website.

The Short Application Form is a Lead Generator!

Most of your website visitors/prospects are not quite ready to give you all of their details initially, or they just may not have them handy but just want to get the ball rolling with you.  You don't want to discourage them from reaching out to you by making them fill out a long application form just yet.  The short app form is a great way for clients to warm up to the idea of a mortgage.  

The leads generated automatically go into your inbox, and are also captured in the lead management area of your Website Admin.

We hope you grow to love the short form like we do, but if you're certain you want it removed from your site, we can do that too!  Just drop us an email at, or give us a call, 1-866-820-0831.




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