Updating Primary Account Holder or Billing Information

To ensure security of your account at all times, our Support Team can only work with the Primary Administrative Contact for your web account on billing or account change requests.

- By default, monthly billing notifications are emailed to the Primary Account Holder and/or alternate billing department contact(s).

- If you want to change / update any billing or account information, simply drop us a quick email OR call us toll free to initiate the process and we'll be happy to help with any updates.

- Invoices can be paid online using VISA, MasterCard or AMEX or for longer periods, by cheque.  Alternatively, you can call us directly to update your billing information or make a payment.

- Updating the Primary Account Holder information on account (e.g. email address, phone number, address, etc) can ONLY be done by the Primary Account Holder or alternate Administrative Contact we have on file. 

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