Email Setup for Mobile or Desktop

If you want to take advantage of your email software advanced features, please use our Help Wizard to find the correct version of your software you want to setup.

To setup your email on a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.) or desktop (e.g. Outlook, Macmail, etc.) start by going to the following link, login with the email and password you have been provided and follow the steps based on your specific device.

Follow all the recipe steps to setting up the email and double check your server settings/username/password in case you typo it otherwise you'll connect with no problems.


You will be asked to:
Select: Device (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Other)
Select: Operating System (Andoid, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Linux)
Select: Email Client or Device
Select: IMAP

Follow each screen shot step carefully and double check your spelling.  


Once you login,  click on "Set Up Email" button in the middle of the page and keep following the choices until you get the correct device you are setting up.  This is what the first screen will look like when you login:




If you run into an issue, please triple check your email address and password when typing it into you mobile phone, tablet or laptop.  Don't hesistate to email us at if you have any questions.



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