Why Does Search in Webmail Not Display Any Results?

Unable to search for newer emails in Webmail

Reason why it happens
The Webmail software runs what's called an indexing function every so often. This indexing compiles all the emails into a searchable group in the software. The timing of this indexing is dependent on the volume of emails sent and received. Typically it runs a few times each week but depends on many factors such as frequency of logins into Webmail, the volume of emails in the inbox and more.

So at times, newer emails are not part of the searchable index and therefore they don't show until the next indexing cycle happens

Unfortunately, this is controlled via software that we cannot change the settings for nor do we have an indexing schedule. The only thing would be to unfortunately manually open the folders and look, I know not the best solution and likely a bit frustrating. Our apologies on this but it's how the software works and no workaround we can do.

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